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The gall some people display here is truely amazing sometimes. RE: Customs may have potentially removed an item or two from the shipment so fucking over the seller is completely fine ... ? What kind of logic is this? If Dirty had not been tracked down Spitfire would never have seen a dime. I'm still very skeptical that any items were actually missing - if there where items missing I'd get in touch with the seller, not fucking ignore him for a month. It sounds like one of those "my little brother posted that" type of scenarios and I don't believe a word of it.

Just my opinion, and I could be wrong but it's how I feel. I really don't have patience for this type of behaviour at all. There is still no excuse.

At any rate Spitfire, next time ... CASH UP FRONT. This time you got lucky. Don't mess around with that C.O.D. crap either. When a buyer flakes or can't pay for the items on delivery (yes it happens) then the items get returned to you and you get burned for the shipping price (twice - there and back to you) so avoid that aswell.
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