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i use a clear filter or uv on my lens great...should have one all the time on it anyhoo...

i use a clear camping waterproof camera case for shooting in...not overly pricey...will protect your camera body. When it comes to the can wrap it in neoprene to keep it safe ( use a bit of velcro tape on side to make a wrap)

the neoprene will take a good hit and absorb the impact.

if money is no object go here...

i use one for my dsr250 and my still camera...expensive..but has raincoat, uv protection, very rugged...fits great...cost me 250 bucks thou...well worth it considering the camera is 12 000 bucks.

for the lcd...i put a plastic film cover on t...about 5 lose some quality to look at but who took a shot to the lcd and nary a scratch.



also agree with hojo...nice to get the shots of real i never wear a "high visability vest"
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