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I use a cheap UV filter on my lenses. You just have to be carefull of the ugly flare they cause when shooting in the direction of the sun.

I also use my sunshade on my lense, even if there is no sun, to protect from agles shots at the lense.

I also worry a lot about the LCDs screens on my camera. A BB hit on that would not be forgibing, so I alway aim the camera downward, with my hand over the LCDs when I walk in a hot zone.

I tried wearing bright yellow with reflector police coat. But even with that, the common level of IQ among some players is pretty low. They think: "Look at that bright fool! staying in the open with what look like a small AEG, he did not saw me, I will light him up!"

So now I just go with my normal BDU and try not to get in the way of other players.

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