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Originally Posted by Gryphon
You're doing something seriously wrong if you're being shot at more as a cameraman than an active player. That, or you're airsofting with a bunch of real arseholes.

You DO wear one of these to distinguish yourself as someone that should NOT be fired upon, right?
No, I don't wear that. Unless I'm an actual bystander. But I'm a player also - so I wear my full gear and follow the action.

The reason why I get shot more is because when I take photos, I expose myself more than if I was actively hiding from opposing players. That's why I stated if one was to follow the action, they should act defensively if the firefight becomes heavy.

And yes, some of the players are assholes and they just shoot me for being me. As I've said, most local players know who I am, so they shoot me in the back for fun when I'm taking pictures. (to them, I say, j00 b4st4rds!!!)

I am aware of the risks, however.

All these contribute to why I get shot more as a camera man than as a player.

So, am I doing something seriously wrong? No. :wink:

Edit: And yes, I had tried that bright yellow/orange vest before - trust me, it doesn't help as much as you think. 8)
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