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Originally Posted by Crispin
Hey Gang.
Alright, I already did a quick search related to this but did not find anything as of yet so I seek help and advice.

I am going to be taking my Nikon SLR with me next time I get to a game but I am worried about my lenses. It might be a very rare occurrence but nothing would ruin my day more than a 2 cent bb killing a 500+ dollar lens. So I put this to the Combat photographers out there, do you know of an impact resistant filter that I can use to protect the lens? I currently only have a polarizing filter on.

How do you protect your lenses? Do you even worry about it?

Salamander Army.
But a cheap one and test some bb's at it. You're unlikely to take a round at point blank, unless you're playing in full camo and intending to get right in the shit. Even then, 400fps at 10ft is pretty worst case scenario. Anyone know how a UV filter fares against those?

I'm hitting Vistek in a few days anyway, I think I'll give it a try.
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