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Originally Posted by Dirty Sanchez
Well I can't prove that he didn't send all the items as was discussed, I'm just bitter about the whole thing. Its basically his word against mine vise versa. Its just too bad he couldn't send the package C.O.D. as i requested that way none of this bullshit would have escalated to this point. I have contacted the post office and my request is under review, so hopefully i will get some money back for my lost goods.
It's not Spitfire's fault they don't offer such service in Swiss. It would of been way better on Spitfire's end if it was COD and much more "bullshit" on your end, first of all, you would of paid $190 at your door, he would of gotten the money and then you realize there are things "missing".

But then when that happens, u come back to the whole fiasco about him not senidng the right parts, and the go check through the same process Spitfire (where Illusion helped greatly) did, blah blah blah blah.

Anyway, my point is, COD wouldn't of helped in this situation, you would of still have to go call up customs to see if they seized parts, then claim insurance at Canada Post.

I'm surprised CP accepted your case to review since you received the package a whole month ago.
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