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Originally Posted by Bravo One-Six
Dirty Sanchez, if you think you have a valid complaint or that Spitfire has been doing anything outside of what would be acceptable to try to get paid for the item he sent, you forward all evidence of it to me ASAP.

Otherwise, I suggest you keep your wise cracks and petty insults (even if just in a joking or sarcastic manner) to yourself. As you said, we know the community is small and how things can get out of hand when assumptions are made. Please try to maintain a mature and professional demeanor so that you don't damage your credibility.

I was just being witty, lol.
I'm at work right now and I will pay pal you tonight. e-mail me at for your info.

Bravo 6:

Well I can't prove that he didn't send all the items as was discussed, I'm just bitter about the whole thing. Its basically his word against mine vise versa. Its just too bad he couldn't send the package C.O.D. as i requested that way none of this bullshit would have escalated to this point. I have contacted the post office and my request is under review, so hopefully i will get some money back for my lost goods. I would have liked to be mature about this whole thing, but its kinda hard when you have internet gangsters calling me a douche and semen recepticle... ok, maybe not that last one. I apologize for my acts of witty-ness but thats just the way I am.

Thankyou to those who didn't bash me until they heard both sides of the story.

Spitfire, You better not be spending the $190 on flesh-lights and double sided dildo's. Ok I'll stop.

Thanks everyone.

Deeeerty Sanchez.
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