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Originally Posted by Aaidin
Gorrilla is nice because they have Flecktarn. I just went in with a buddy and got him and shirt, pants and some combats and it wasn't too pricey and the guys were nice. I will say though it wasn't the nicest looking store and definitely a lot of stuff to look through in order to find thing. Still, I wouldn't avoid it per-say, and it's definitely worth checking out. Although I do still need to get out to Dave's one day.
Wow you'll go all the way into Vancouver but you haven't gone to Dave's (which is on the way).

You'll be impressed with Dave's if you like Gorilla's.

Originally Posted by dman
Uhhhh, New Westminster is plenty close to Coquitlam. Also, New Westminster might be crime prone, but it's not all that worse than Coquitlam.
Coquitlam has the smallest police force per capita in BC. Hence, it's pretty crime ridden but not that petty stuff. Pretty much, no one messes around in Coquitlam because it's high level of Angel presence. But grow ops are the norm.
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