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Originally Posted by Dirty Sanchez

Its nice to see someone being mature about this, thanks!
instead of bashing on a guy who didn't even know this thread existed until his buddy sent him the link.

Just because I do not Eat, Sleep, Shit and Masturabate Airsoft does not mean I'm a dead beat who does not commit to on-line transactions.

What illusion has said makes a lot of sense, and has kinda made me realize it is MY fault for not really spending the time to see wtf happened to my parts. But you also have to see it from my point of view, I mean You wouldn't wanna pay full price for something to didn't recieve would you? I did recieve some of the parts, but not all the things that were agreed upon for $190. I will see if spitfire is on-line tonight and we will work something out.

On a side note, for those who have flamed me in this thread, PLEASE get that sand out of your vagina's before you make e-threats without finding out the otherside of the story.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go sell spitfire's parts on ebay and turn a profit. I'm kidding.

Spitfire, please e-mail me and we'll work something out, I'm not as stubborn now i promise! , but please don't cut and paste our converstations... if you do, at least don't delete the 9 paragraphs of sexual content you sent to me late last night.

Dirty Sanchez Out.
It would be much more better idea to give an idea what you DID receive, and what you did not.

From the call Illusion got from CDN Customs, Trigger Guard and Trigger Set was in the package, and the spring strengthener should be in it since you said you got a bunch of "rings" in the msn conversation. But the trigger guard and set itself makes up the bulk of the $190. You offer to pay $60?!

It's obvious nothing was seized in this case, so if any items is missing to you (Dirty Sanchez), it's the fault of Canada Post. You should be following up with CP if items are missing, and not going "oh well, I'll negotiate a better price because some items went missing during shipping instead of claiming insurance on the shipment.

I'm not judging you yet on this, but your unwillingness to discuss seems a little iffy. Why can't YOU take the initiative to email him instead of asking Spitfire to email you. If it's a CP issue, work closely with Spitfire to track the items back or your money back since Spitfire fully insured the items.
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