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Originally Posted by ILLusion
You're NOT getting the point.


He fulfilled his end of the bargain by sending you all the requested items.

When I spoke to Canada Customs, they said that there was a trigger set and trigger guard in the package, and hence, why the package was sent to the prohibited importations unit. The CPIU eventually CLEARED those items and sent them back to the Canadian Border Services Agency who forwarded them BACK to Canada Post for transport to you.

In other words, NOTHING WAS SEIZED. Had Canada Customs actually seized any goods, you would have received a letter about 3 weeks ago. DID YOU RECEIVE A NOTICE OF SEIZURE? If you did, please scan it and post it online for us to see. If you did not receive a letter, then nothing was seized. Just because the item is not in the package (that's covered with customs tape) does not mean that anything was seized.

If you still have questions, call the CBSA directly for clarification. The number is posted on page 4 of this thread, as well as the inventory tracking number that I acquired for you. SPEAK TO THEM and they will describe all the parts in the package to you as they did to me.

CBSA claims they released all items back to Canada Post. If that is the case, then Canada Post is responsible for refunding the cost of all missing goods to you.

NOBODY here is saying you're an outright liar. You're just misinformed on the situation and shafting Spitfire by not fulfilling your end of the bargain.

AS AN IMPORTER OF ANY GOODS ON CANADIAN SOIL, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CUSTOMS ISSUES. It has NOTHING to do with the exporter. READ the Canadian importation information available on their site. They don't give you that much information if it's all up to the exporter. It NEVER is.

Don't take my information as coming from someone who doesn't know what he's talking about. I DO. I have been importing goods at least once a month and have dealt directly with Canada customs on many occassions for years. Specifically, I have been importing airsoft goods since 2002 on an almost monthly basis. I am familiar with how the system works, especially in regards to airsoft. If your goods are truly seized, the decision can always be appealed.

With all that said, the point and fact STILL remains: Spitfire fulfilled his end of the bargain. It is YOUR DUTY to fulfill YOUR end of the bargain by paying him for what he sent to you. It's NOT his job to contact Canada Customs or Canada Post to issue you the refund/claim. That's YOUR job to recoup your costs AFTER you have paid Spitfire back.

Spitfire put GOOD FAITH in you that you would be able to clear your items and pay him the money. You haven't fulfilled your end of the bargain and Spitfire has to take your slack? That's not very fair on your part and it DEFINITELY doesn't look good for international relations.


Until that happens, consider your age verification status revoked as well as your field bans in place.

Its nice to see someone being mature about this, thanks!
instead of bashing on a guy who didn't even know this thread existed until his buddy sent him the link.

Just because I do not Eat, Sleep, Shit and Masturabate Airsoft does not mean I'm a dead beat who does not commit to on-line transactions.

What illusion has said makes a lot of sense, and has kinda made me realize it is MY fault for not really spending the time to see wtf happened to my parts. But you also have to see it from my point of view, I mean You wouldn't wanna pay full price for something to didn't recieve would you? I did recieve some of the parts, but not all the things that were agreed upon for $190. I will see if spitfire is on-line tonight and we will work something out.

On a side note, for those who have flamed me in this thread, PLEASE get that sand out of your vagina's before you make e-threats without finding out the otherside of the story.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go sell spitfire's parts on ebay and turn a profit. I'm kidding.

Spitfire, please e-mail me and we'll work something out, I'm not as stubborn now i promise! , but please don't cut and paste our converstations... if you do, at least don't delete the 9 paragraphs of sexual content you sent to me late last night.

Dirty Sanchez Out.
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