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Dirty Sanchez
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Holy fuck, I don't check these boards for a couple months and I have a 6 page thread dedicated to me? First of all, I have NOT been ignoring spitfire on msn messenger or whatever he claims. The only time I get to talk to him is between 2:30am-3:30am since he lives in Switzerland? The reason why he isn't getting his full amount of $190cdn is because all items were NOT recieved. I say customs has it, and he says wrong. Now he thinks canada post has lost it. Whether or not any of you believe me is up to you. Its not like i'm shafting the guy, if i was I wouldn't even still be chatting with him. Spitfire, I am gonna pay you, just not the full amount since I didn't recieve all the items!
I've got nothing to hide here, if you wanna contact me, msn me or e-mail me. Private messeging me on ASC won't get my attention. UNLESS there's a 6 page thread dedicated to me calling me a dirty liar.
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