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Okay, brought it out through its first skirmish today. It got some VERY rough treatment.

1) Way too big for CQB. Banger the flashhider off of several walls. Not a scratch on it.

2) While running hard, I tripped and fell very hard onto the gun. Heard a loud crack. Stood up in horror, only to find nothing wrong with the gun, and a broken stick about 4cm wide which I broke with the gun. Again, not a scratch on the gun.

3) Just one weird quirk: Switched from safe to semi really fast and the trigger wouldn't pull. It was locked into place as if it were still in safe. Flicked it back to safe then to semi, worked fine after that. Only happened one time.

Overall, it's the best stock gun i've ever held. Built like a T-72, amazing performance. Very fast firing rate and the best range i've seen on a stock gun. I think i'm in love
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