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Droc- I am quite messy- but this is more because my father raised me. Henry used to clean hotel rooms and he's military. He can walk through a room and glare at it to make it clean. He's freaky neat. It's all about raising.

Greylocks- same as above. Henry is a small arms coach and it's 'easier to train a female because they don't have bad habit's'. You of course know this, it just hasn't been said. I know your backround so you'll agree with this- Little boys play with guns so they form bad habits, learn some, and aren't 'naive'. Whereas girls play with barbie dolls. To die in that my father raised me- I hunt deer moose and small game with him so... there goes being naive right? There's common sense but the way you're brought up makes all the difference. Most females would see airsoft and go 'Oh my god *freak out* are those real!?!?' I saw them and got so giddy Henry said 'I'll let you shoot them next time you're over' and I hugged him.....

To all the parents on the board take one from Stalker- his daughter is shaping up to be quite the little sniper.

Originally Posted by Grim Fandango View Post
Ok, so let me get this straight here Megan.

- You wish to buy your boyfriend some airsoft stuff and/or video games for christmas
- You enjoy playing airsoft
- You enjoy playing video games
- You like to drink beer
- You seem to have a reasonably healthy obsession with sex

Do you happen to have like, a sister, who is like you in all these ways and is single, and lives in Toronto
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