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Originally Posted by LUTNIT
As long as your hopup is set right, both will have the same range, the 0.25's will have a tighter grouping at any range, the only advantage of 0.20's is they will get there faster but such a small difference in travel time is pretty much meaningless at the ranges airsoft is played at.
When I purchased my TM SIG 552 SEALs gun it came with a bag of 200 .25g BB's. I just tried them out for the first time today and you were right about the tighter grouping. I had to adjust my hop-up a little differently though cause like 75% of the settings I tried were totally inaccurate. But once I found that right setting, it was so accurate. When I was using .20g BB's, even with the right hop-up setting at least 2 out of 4 shots were inaccurate. Mind you, that I'm shooting my gun indoors and about 20 feet away from the target box. So the results would probably be different if I were outdoors and further away from my target.
You wont see the difference between hopup from 20ft away...
Hopup becomes effective when your target is 50ft and more away.

Bring your gun out one day.
Where are you located by the way? Im looking for a place to play which is close by where I live....

O yeah acurracy for get that, theres no accuracy in airsoft unless your a sniper. Most poeple spray like mad. Im heavy on the trigger so most times I use more than 75% of the bag.
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