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Bringing airsoft over from HongKong. -Nevermind.

Hey guys,
I'm planning to go to HongKong this coming Christmas. And hopefully, If possible I want to bring back a UNCompany Custom gun. Most likely a UN Custom Black AK47.
I was wondering how will I be able to bring that back into Canada.

I've read this post
And it did not explain anything about how to import airsoft from overseas.
I know you must sign a firearm declaration form but I wouldn't know how to when I'm in Hongkong and I go through the border entering Canada. How do I present these papers?

And what does the gun need to be kept in?
Will customs seize it? Or can I show them the papers before they seize it?

I'm asking these questions because it is going to be my first time going to HongKong and I want to bring back a airsoft gun since it is so much cheaper than buying from here.

All positive/helpful input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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