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Originally Posted by Vivisector
Originally Posted by HonestJohn
Originally Posted by gandar
On a related note, is the offer of webspace still avalible for donations? I wouldn't mind moving our forum to a better server, and a real domain name.
Pending some changes around here, donations themselves are on hold, but if you have an airsoft-related website that needs a home, I'm happy to help out, just PM/MSN me with details.
Can you make a post next time donations are up? I was broke last time they rolled around, and would like to contribute.
Well, now that we are running the store through the site, and it is paying the bills, I'm not exactly sure if it's ethical to take donations? A raffle will probably be in the works however (and yes, all existing supporters will be getting themselves some free tickets).

If you want to support ASC, buy something from ASC Armoury - that's what's keeping ASC alive now!
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