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I just got a call back from Canada Customs. Here's what we've learned:

The package came in to Canada Customs on June 7th. The inventory number attached to this package is CU327090215CA.

Due to the nature of the parts in the package (gun parts), they were sent to the Canada Prohibited Importations Unit for further inspection of the parts.

July 6th, ALL of the parts were cleared by the Canadian Prohibited Importations Unit and sent back to Canada Customs. - NO PARTS WERE SEIZED.
Canada customs tagged the package with a Canadian value of $171.21 and applied applicable taxes, duties, brokerage fees, etc totalling $27.25.

July 7th, the package was sent back to Canada Post.

From there, the package was delivered to the importer.

Again, NO PARTS WERE SEIZED. The delay in the shipment was due to a long inspection process of the parts.

Had any of the parts actually been seized, then Dirty Sanchez would have received a letter in the mail from Canada Customs. If he still believes the parts were seized... well too bad. That's not your problem, Spitfire. You held up your end of the bargain, which was to safely export the product out of your country - which you did. His end of the bargain is to import it AND pay you.

If he TRULY did not receive those items, then they must have fallen out of the package or gotten lost along the way and in that case, he should contact Canada Post to claim a refund on those parts. But the fact still remains, that's not your problem. HE STILL OWES YOU MONEY.

I hope this information helps you, Spitfire. Apply some pressure on Dirty Sanchez. If he is still not forthcoming with the funds, further "action" can be taken to ensure that he holds up his end of the deal.
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