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Originally Posted by shadydeath666
Originally Posted by sukivan
who bought the guns for these guys? they weren't 18 when this all went down.
if you can buy real guns illegally whats stopping people from getting a bb gun?

Originally Posted by sukivan
Originally Posted by LUTNIT
If you carry a gun in North American your "dangerous"
If you dont carry a gun in many other countries, your "in danger"

Should send offenders so some of the worlds not-so-lucky countries and see if they are taught a lesson.
what? please explain
he means, in 3rd world countries where guns are sold on the streets to anyone who has money, meaning everyone carries guns. they should send them there and see how cocky they are when everyone else is carrying guns.
Most third world countries have extremely strict gun control laws. Firearm confiscation has preceded virtually every oppressive regime in the past two centuries. Of course, some people ignore the law and obtain firearms anyway (particularly rebels in the case of a civil war), but by and large the populace is unarmed. This is what allows the roaming armies to go into villages and massacre dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people without a fight.
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