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Originally Posted by MadMorbius
What is the purpose of this filming?
It is a short film designed to be a "marketing sample for a possible TV pilot... very low budget...the "special skills Extras" we are looking for will receive no compensation... cept bottled water and some sandwiches...
The film will show up in film festivals...

If it gets picked up who knows.. there may be more opportunities for paid work... if you are trying to get in to the entertainment biz as a special skills extra.. or for stunt work.. it will be another credit towards your ACTRA ticket

the leads are undergoing training at FACT ...

We get this sort of thing from time to to time.. training actors.. supplying special skills extras... certainly not any source of revenue... despite the perception that there is money in the film biz... there are a lot of people doing a lot of work for "exposure"

I have done some TV and trained people for film work...I just don't have the time to really "break in" to the business...make too much doing other things
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