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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds
By the looks of the tracking info, there were no delays inside of Canada that would suggest a siezure by our customs.

See in bold, no delays.

2006/07/10 AM RICHMOND, BC Item successfully delivered to Receiver's address
2006/07/10 06:43 RICHMOND, BC Item out for delivery
2006/07/10 Signature image recorded for Online viewing
2006/07/07 09:11 Item was released from Customs and is now with Canada Post for sortation
2006/06/07 11:23 MISSISSAUGA, ON International item has been sent to Canadian Customs for processing

2006/06/02 09:05 International item has left the origin country
However I would call customs just to make sure.

Read it over again, very carefully.

It was sitting in customs for exactly one month. It entered customs on JUNE 7th. It was released to Canada Post from customs on JULY 7th.

That's the sign of a seizure.

But regardless - just because they seized the items, it's not your problem as the exporter. In the eyes of Canadian customs, the importer of the goods is always the one responsible for the nature of the goods entering the country.

He still owes you money.

Spitfire, I'll give customs a call for you and look in to it. It looks like the agency it entered was actually the number that I gave you and that number is local to me.

I'll get the details of the seizure from them.

As for Dirty Sanchez, his age verification has been revoked and his account is now under review and investigation, pending payment to you. It is his responsibility to go through the legal process of appealling the decision of customs and ensure that he has his proper paperwork in order when importing goods. He has 90 days from the day the item entered the country.

This is turning in to another case of "buy it in Canada or risk seizure." In the end, Canada customs is the ultimate controller of what gets in to the country or not and if they deem an item to be not in the best interests of a Canadian citizen to possess.... then they seize it, regardless of what is already written in government legislation or not.
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