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First, try contacting your shipping carrier to see if they have any details on a seizure. Then call the Canadian Border Services Agency to see if they have any other details.


1 is country code for canada
905 is area code
The rest is the phone number. I don't know if you need to dial any extra numbers to hit Canada from overseas.

Call that number in 2 to 3 hours from the time my message is posted and speak to someone there to try and trace the package. This agency is responsible for the seizure if it truly took place.

That number is actually for the east coast of Canada, but should be able to get transferred to the west coast CBSA.

Contact your shipping carrier and let us know how far you got.
It may also help if you post any other pertinent information, such as who the shipping carrier you used was, any package tracking numbers, etc etc.

If you provide us with the tracking information, and you shipped via your country's federal/national postal service, then it will get transferred to Canada Post when it arrives on Canadian soil. That tracking information is easily available to us all. I'm (unfortunately) VERY familiar with what a seized package looks like based on the tracking information. I have several of the Canada customs phone numbers in my directory (at least enough of the numbers to get me around.)

By providing this information to us, we can assist you further and quicker.

If I can see what the package information looks like, I may be able to help you determine the truth behind Dirty Sanchez's story.

Sorry, I'm really tired at the moment, so just to make sure all the babbling I'm saying is clear,

Provide us with this information:
1) Who your shipping carrier was (ie UPS? Fedex? DHL?)
2) What the tracking number for the package was
3) What date did you ship the package?

This is a situation of common sense (or lack thereof) and you didn't protect yourself.

It's like... how many grocery stores do you know of that will let you take all the products home, cook it, eat it, and then come back later to pay?

I know. Tough love. But I hope this is a lesson well learned.

Anyways, I hope things turn out for you.
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