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Manager and staff of First Factory/Laylax arrested

Just saw this go up on Arnies, figured I'd post it up here for all to see.

""Paul from ClassicAirsoftGuns has mailed in some news from Japan, which relates to recent Police action in Japan in relation to Airsoft. Whilst there's nothing official posted anywhere as the information was confirmed by a second source you can pretty much take his word for it being true:

Friday August 4th the Manager and staff of First Factory/Laylax were arrested during the night for selling high power airsoft guns after the .98j joule law went into effect August 1st. They face several months in jail and fines of 1 million yen per infraction. The president was unavailable for interview, but it is assumed he will take responsiblility for the acts by paying the fines and supporting his staff. It is also very probable he will be taken to jail as a result of his knowledge and lack of action. The raid went further as to contact sales recipients of highpowered guns as of August 1st. 9 people were contacted, cited, fined, and given criminal records. One such person was a government official who will now be asked to resign his position after reiceiving his criminal record. The manager was shown being taken to prison while being contrasted by his negative views of highpowered guns, not 9 months before.

This new law affects everyone from part makers to gun manufacturers, all makers including WA and TM. The standardized testing the government is using is .98j with .2g BBs at a temperature of 35deg C. The previous industry standard test was at 20c. This has all conventional gas makers concerned as their guns cannot pass at 35deg C. This will affect the market and industry dramatically and possibly give HK the toe hold it needs to truly dominate the market.

This operation was concocted in an attempt to catch Digicon, the makers of airguns used in 98% of the crimes commited in Japan. However, the operation has now extended to less serious infractions in an attempt to make an example to smaller custom shops working under the radar. Other establishments, rumored by law enforcement and industry officials, to fall in the industry are the upper echelon of ASGK, Echiogoya, Digicon, and some smaller custom shops. Paul, (ClassicAirsoftGuns)""
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