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Non Restricted Firearms have to be Trigger Locked or non Functioning during transport. They have to be secure and hidden from plain view. The ammo has to be seperate from the firearm except while hunting. Restricted firearms and Prohibited firearms have even more restrictions. Law enforcement officers have the right to search for Drugs, Gun, Prohibited items etc. If you say to a Police Constable "I have a gun in the car" he/she has the right to inspect that firearm and the storage. Police Constable are not CFO and therefore do not know all the guns laws or the immediate changes in Law especially airsoft guns. You will be charged, have to go to court and explain your case to the Crown. Lock all airsoft Toys in the Trunk and I would go even further by placing all you Military Equipment in the Trunk also. Police are not Conservation Officers and are not use to seeing people in full camo so dress in civies in transit.
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