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After everything discussed here wouldnt common sense prevail?

If ever in any doubt, play it safe.

10 out of 10 to Lotech for educating the officer in airsoft and what we use.
Hopefully this will continue with more information being passed on for the benefit of all the airsoft community here in Canada.

I fully believe information is education, so given what Lotech has said and the information he gave to the officer, I hope she feels educated to the point where next time given a set of circumstances, an informed decision can be made.

I grew up with firearms of all sorts. Education was the key. I have neices and nephews, much younger than some airsoft players, that know and treat real steel firearms in the way they deserve. Its really scarey to think I could trust a certain 13 year old with a real weapon than a 17 year old with an airsoft weapon.

Yes I know that is a very general statement, but from my own experiences, the ones that argue about certain laws are the ones who in some cases will go out of their way just to see how far they can push the envelope.

Comon sense and education. My 2 cents worth.
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