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I dont have my Book on me but Non Restricted firearms do not not have to be locked up while in transport, They have to be out of site and if the vehicle is left unattended then the vehicle has to be locked. Correct me if I am wrong?

How ever a Officer is allowed to search your vehicle if you have a pistol case in open view, Reasonable grounds is they are allowed to check ifyou have a ATT for the restricted gun and if you dont have a ATT they can fine you big time. Plus they may ask you to open your trunk to see if you have any other restricted weapons that may need ATT licence. My teacher was telling me this story of this OPP officer that would sit outside Gunclubs and pull people coming out to see if they had their ATT papers, If not he would fine them and I think he siezed the weapon till the owner has proper papers for them. The Opp officer was reported after this one guy felt like he was being harrased everytime this officer pulled him over.If you travel with restriced weapon, you HAVE to have ATT papers.

Best advice I heard someone tell me is tape a clear plastic envelope thing for binders (cant think of the name) to your case and have your manual in there, This is for your pistols anyways but would work for both.
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