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The IP he posted from was

What address did you mail the parts to? I hope you did not mail it to a PO Box. Did you have to package tracked to ensure it was received by the person in question? Funny how he ignores you continually though. If you provide more details on this person we may be able to track down his whereabouts.

A fella in the Ukraine tried to screw myself, Vlad and another user (that never paid me back for his shipping costs ... I'll get my money from you believe me) but we got in touch with people in his area (who put a little pressure on the guy to do the right thing), and low and behold after 10 months of waiting we finally received our items. Without the help of locals there is little you can do. Thankfully most of us will offer help when this sort of shit seems to happen. You have to be careful, there are a lot of scumbags in this world.

It's not hopeless, your chances are just slim.
Few individuals would view themselves as barbarous, no, instead they view themselves in a different light, a distorted reality that justifies who they are and what they have done.
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