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Nutty hunter, your post disappeared (don't know why) but i'll answer your question anyways. law and common sense don't always meet. A trigger lock meets the letter of the law for securing a lever action rifle. Is it really secure? nope, just work the action and the lock comes off. But putting a cable lock (key lock not a combo) through the breach is the better way to store it as it prevents the gun from being used unlike a trigger lock would. That's how we stored lever actions.

Another letter of the law and commen sense is storage of hand guns. If you take a plastic tackle box that can be and put a screw through the bottom of it into an immovable object such as a floor or a pole in your house it meets the letter of the law for storage of hand guns. The fact you can smash it open with a hammer in fairly short order is inconsequential.

How do I know these things? When katey died the OPP were on site, the storage of our real steal guns were fine (well until katey died because I don't have a PAL) but they had to look up the storage requirements for the airsoft as we don't have enough cases for them and some were just stacked in the corner of the bedroom. The weapons expert came back to me and told me there were no regulations in the storage of the airsoft and while it wouldn't be smart or recommended we could display them in our front hall where anyone could see with no locks or preventive measures if we wanted.
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