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Lot easier to tell the officer its a fake/toy gun in the gun case rather than take a bullet cause there was an AK lying on the back seat. Lock it up.

As for Trigger-locks, although useless it doesn't hurt you or your wallet to install them. They're what $8 a peice?! You spend a crap load more on other stuff why not this? And yes they are pretty useless, if you take a standard screwdriver, you can twist them apart. Or just tap it with a finishing hammer. The idea behind a trigger lock is to secure the weapon from firing. Because there is a big block of metal there that can't move much, the trigger can not be pulled, should there be a round in the chamber. But why anyone would transport their rifle loaded... well I shouldn't wonder I've seen people do it before, needles too say he doesn't hunt with us anymore, ever. ((The dumb ass kid went through 2 and a half boxes of rounds! Thats 50 rounds! and only hit ONE deer, used two guns to do it...))

What bothers me more than anything are people who transport their airsoft rifles with their mags already filled. Get a decent BB loader and do it at the feild and for got sakes remove the battery too.

Really all these "Its useless" "waste of time" and "Needless" arguement is quite silly. Its the law to lock up the real stuff, how is it going to hurt you to do the same? Its not, in fact if anything it'll help protect you from getting that .40 caliber round in your ass!

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