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Originally Posted by Lotech
It will not make a difference what the gun is when the cop looks in your car and sees a gun. You will be handcuffed and a gun pointed at you until the Officer finds out about the gun and even then they may still write you up for improper storage.
It was a great post and I was enjoying it until I read this. Having a gun in a vehicle is by no means reason to draw your firearm, let alone handcuff some one. I realise she is a member of the jackbooted OPP but a gun alone is not enough reason to do anything if the firearm is in legal possesion. I've been stopped a few times with firearms in the seat next to me.

It is not my intention to flame but I find it humorous that you trigger lock your airsofts. I don't even trigger lock my real non-restricted firearms, or case them for that matter, as it is not required by law.

Also, you can not be charged with improper storage EVER when a gun and a vehicle is involved. It's transportation. /nitpicking
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