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crosman bb's: will they work?

probably doesn't belong in this section, but i couldn't think of anywhere else to put it...
so i used to have one of those really cheap clear plastic spring guns, and along with it, i bought a pretty large bottle of crosman 6mm bb's (i believe they're .12g's....or .20g's, who knows...doesn't say on the bottle).
i read on some thread a little while ago that in airsoft guns, you should use high-grade bb's, but i was wondering if those crosman bb's would work too? or would they have any negative effects on my gun? and if so, what's the worst that could happen? (i read that they could jam, but that shouldn't be too hard to clear......right?)

and another question...i've read in a few threads that ppl used propane on their stock tm gbb's w/out any damage because of tm's high quality plastic. can anyone verify the validity of this?

thx lots
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