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When I was in junior high we had ENVOE, environmental outdoor education iirc. One part of the class was a multi-day expedition to the forest near Rocky Mountain House, in mid January. You built and lived in lean-to's for a couple days, lived over your fire, and the Rangers held classes in firearms training (skeet shooting and .22 marksmanship) and we practiced the curriculum's outdoor survival skills. This is juniour high, so we're all well below 18. But in the REAL world, it's a good idea to teach children proper firearms handling and safety skills, because you have to be taught these things, the only other way to learn is by making mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Liberal hippie-fantasy world guns are all bad, and no-one should ever have them, and no-one should know anything about them, and then we'll live in a happy sugarcane universe where criminals and predatory animals and totalitarian gov'ts suddenly dissapear.
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