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Originally Posted by JanusDP
What is it exactly they do in cadets?
Go to canadian forces bases and fire C7s, fire .22 and pellet guns in the basements of schools (where the Cadets meet weekly), go on camping trips for 2 nights and eat MRE's (or IMP's), do lots of drill work and learn how to tie knots from civilians that don't know what the hell they're talking about (One guy was telling us that this knot will save your life if your over the edge of a cliff or something, then someone else came over and told him he did it wrong and that we'd all be dead if we tied a knot that way).

Instructors are civilians from Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, and misc. retail stores, and some are retired cops...


That aside, was he the teacher that previously organized some sort of event that got on the national news? (positive news that is).

All I can remember from that news broadcast was them throwing grenades that were just packets of powder that exploded (powder went everywhere) when they landed. And lots of kids being involved because it was a school event/class event.
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