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Airsoft as a teaching instrument

I spent a night talking with a good friend of the family who was a former Capt. in the army. he has since retired and is now a high school social studies teacher(among other subjects) He spent a great deal of time over seas, in cypress, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Somalia ect. he has spent allot of his life in places few people will voluntarily go. He was saying how much he would like to be able to give his students a small feeling of what war is, since you can only learn so much from books and movies. He organized a large one day event a few years ago in witch students used props and such and basically lived the life of a soldier for a day. but unfortunately he doesnít feel they picked much up from this. after learning about airsoft he was quite intrigued on the idea of a student based 2 or 3 day milsim type event where more than just doing the actions a soldier dose they could actually interact and feel what they feel. the fear and comradery. Now he dose not want to glorify war or to simply let the kids go nuts on each other, but to really let them experience what war is like. all legalityís aside, what do you guys think about this approach. do you think it would do any good for kids to actually get to experience this or is it a waste of time and money.

sorry if this doesnít make allot of sense but I donít really know how to explain what we talked about any clearer
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