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Well an update is in order:

Month later:

Parts are becoming loser as I fiddle around with the gun far too much. Handle is STILL on, but is a bit wobbly, I will probably have to replace it with the guarder pin eventually, but not right now. Same goes for the barrel, although I'm planning to replace that with a guarder SMG kit barrel as soon as it gets here.

A part has broken however. Pulling the barrel assembly out of the gun by itself, I accidentally pulled too hard and one of the nibs that holds the plastic locking ring, that in turn holds the hopup dial had broken off. It still works fine, and it still holds in place, just is a problem if I dissasemble the AUG with the hopup unit exposed.

Otherwise the AUG is pretty much dead solid. Although I haven't had a chance to tinker with it at all (we're still pretty much baffled as to how to get the mechbox out of the gun itself).
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