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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
I don't know about you fellas, but that story sure brought a tear to me eye it did.
I try... hehe.

I intend to update my little tale of fun after the upcoming games at FR so I can convey to the other nubs the joys of being pelleted into annihilation

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter
PS - muzzer your about as smart as a bag of rocks ... the not too bright type of rocks.
Definitely not quartz or diamond material here, maybe granite :-D


Just an update story-wize. I have now been messing with my G3 SAS (still waiting for the SG1) for some time now at a location safe from public eyes. I HAVE NOT taken my gun out into public to become the latest "Airsoft Delinquint" or anything of that nature (don't do it noobs it not worth the hassle)! Also Vice and I unloaded our guns at each other on full auto to see what damage it could actually do, man that was comical (and yes we wore our goggles).

We've now got all the gear we should need to be ready (I hope) for the night game (vice actually convinced his wife to let him leave the house for more than 24 hours HELL YEAH!) and the day game coming up at flagraiders this weekend and are both as giddy as school girls looking forward to participate. Yet more and more reading has occurred (currently checking out the various anti-goggle-fogging recommendations on the forums) and also a bit of forward planning as to what to bring (tent, sleeping bag, other crap).

Also been doing some other forward planning, anyone ever checked out Jungle Hammock's before?:

And maybe one day in the future when I buy some nerf footballs:

The journey continues
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