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Originally Posted by Bestec
Originally Posted by Drake
Ok, a few things...

Secondly, the vest (which looks like a sort of TT TAC-1A rifleman vest knockoff, except with PALS webbing on the pack) has 6 double mag pouches (so 12 mags) and you're adding a sort of subload mag carrier... but unless you already have mags, you'll have 1 locap + 2 midcaps...?
Here is some info on the vest:

Guarder SEAL 2000 Modular Tactical Vest
Color: Olive Drab
Material: DuPont 1000-Denier CORDURA
Package Including: six M16 single mag pouches, two utility pouches, one double pistol mag pouch and one tactical belt.

And, i decided to go for 4 extra mid-caps, so im at 1 lo-cap and 4 mid caps

Okay, you swapped pictures/vests. I was referring to the original KA one you had posted.

Dunno how much you wanna spend on a vest, or what your requirements are. Personally I wouldn't like being stuck with single mag pouches since non-USGI (m16) mags may not fit (the G36 mags, for example).

Since it's still a year away, maybe you want to shop around for real vests, maybe something modular that you can customize to your needs. This is a more expensive route and maybe not something you need... like I said, depends on what you want, how much you wanna spend, and how you plan on using it.

As for the gloves, I agree you should forget those. Personally I like using Mountain Biking gloves; they offer decent protection to the back of the hand, they're built to take abuse, and they're thin enough to allow you to manipulate smaller things easily (weapon safeties, radio control buttons, etc) and not lose all tactile sense.
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