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Originally Posted by frankiet
Originally Posted by Kacey
I just turned 16 like a month ago, and according to my research, people are allowed to go airsofting when they turn 16, and buy when they turn 18 (my parents are from hongkong so i've been really familiar with airsoft throughout my life, becuase over there airsoft is like the main thing, and thats why i already have a gun). I was actually double checking to see if i am 100% allowed to go airsofting now at my current age.

Today i pretty much spent my whole day reading all the forums and everything, it was pretty cool. For my first game i want to be ready, I am a very big noob, probably the biggest noob right now. I want to know what i need for my first and future games. I already have a gun, i know i need an outfit but what else?

I can't believe this didn't get raped by now...

You obviously didn't read the most important sticky with respect to age.

18 to play, unless mommy or daddy are constantly watching.

The age your allowed to play airsoft is totally up to the host, if it is at a feild with insurance and a wavier system (not private feilds). 14 year olds have played at games. The 18 rule only really applys to buying airsoft guns, In which case most underage players just get there parents to buy them.
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