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On ASC ignorance is punishable by a painful, burning, death. Known to the common folk as a "flaming".

Flaming first began back in the early 1970's, but as the decades past by...the universe created more ignorant people. These ignorant folk would one day come to be known as "noobies", "noob", and the more vulgar "n00b" spelled half in 1337/LEET text and half in letters from the Latin Alphabet.

As time went on, the common folk grew tired of repeating the same answer over, and over, and over.

To this day, observations of the said "flamings" have been witnessed by wildlife photographers and the nearly insane persons of society. All who witnessed this horrible act of pain, and suffering, all mentioned the tears that fell from the ignorant person's eyes as they realized they were in fact...both ignorant and n00bs.

Very rarely, does a flaming occur upon multiple persons at one given time. Usually only an individual is targeted and exploited for their ignorance.

However, it has been reported that under certain circumstances, the ignorant will band together and initiate what is known as a "Flame War" against another group of ignorant. Both will flame each other for their beliefs on subjects such as Politics, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Race, and even the concept of "Space, time, and reality".

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