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I'll say this and shut up:

I've been very restrained in posting the last while because I found what I was saying wasn't constructive or benefiting anyone. But, lately it seems ASC has an influx of minors outright slapping the community in the face and testing our hospitality. and I'm honestly offended by the whole deal.

This thread is a perfect example. The author states clearly he knows and understands that we get pissed when minors come on here and ask about the topic created... but he started the thread anyways. It's like: Well, I know I have no right to do this, I know your all going to get mad... but fuck you I'm gonna do it anyways.

If people can't show any respect around here I see no point in tollerating them, or offering them a chance to be apart of this community.

I'm serious. The next moron who comes in here that thinks they can start stepping on everyones nuts should be shown the door. No explanation. Just gone.

When the going gets tough... the tough go cyclic.
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