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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch

I propose an alteration to the Rules of this board:
Anyone soliciting information on the procurement of Airsoft while underage, or other illegal activities (conversion of realsteel to Airsoft or vice versa etc) be banned. End of story.

I've had it with dweebs comming on here and arguing the rules the community has made to protect itself like they are special, or have a right to do so. Like WTF? I don't give a rats ass about some fool's mother's cousin 3-times-removed who got a Airsoft from his Dad... live by the rules we set out, read the friggin FAQ, and live with it or leave. It's not a debatable topic.
I second that.

Far as I am concerned, the only time a minor should have a gun is when they earn the respect of a well established, age verified member and buys through them...and the member that buys it for the minor is fully and 100% responsible for the gun and anything that happens from it.

I have proposed to the other age verifiers that when a minor bypasses our rules, that they be banned and refused age verification when they turn 18...We blacklist them and notify retailers and other forums.
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