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Originally Posted by Amazing KG3
He is right, where does say you have to be of age to own or operate one. It just says in our rules that you have to be 18 to buy or most of the time field one.
Ummm....first, those aren't OUR's the Canadian LAW. It's very similar to the laws on alcohol, you can't buy until you're 19, you can only consume at home WITH your parents/guardian's direct supervision. Just because one feel mature enough to drink at 17, it doesn't mean they can bypass the law to ask his/her parents to buy booze and drink by him/herself or with friends.

These are kind of the ignorancy we get here at ASC. Every teenager that comes here asking to buy airsoft or softair all starts off as "mature", then wham, an angry teenager suddenly jumps out of nowhere. Quite simple, Indentity, you knew the rules/laws or at least you pretended you have read them, and you just stepped all over them. I'm not saying you don't behave in a mature manner, but the fact you ignored the rules does show some immaturity.

And a lot of people would agree here, 17 and 18 makes a huge difference. That one year means you take PERSONAL responsibility for your actions, not your dad, not anyone else.

P.S. I saw greylocks as last reply, but his msg is nowhere to be found....
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