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Originally Posted by MyMac11
Lol they sell guns to 13 year old reading this thread alone someone can have a pretty good idea of how "great" they are. First clue is the fact that they are not on the canadian retailers list on the top of every page of this forum, hmm... Secondly they sell guns to anyone, i really dont think "you must be 18+ to purchase airsoft, by viewing this site you agree to all terms" in a little box on the left of the page is a great attempt to keep minors from purchasing guns.HONESTLY how many 12 year old boys do you think close a porn site after they see its 18+? ZERO?? Just because they got you your guns on time and just because they didnt NOT send you your gun doesnt make them great retailers and "trust worthy". Also you dont have to purchase soemthign from a retailer to make a "justified" opinion about it. People on these forums make opinions about places like 6MM imports and Kuramae all the time even though only 2 of the 100 ppl actually bought something there. These people get their opinions from what other ppl have written about these retailers. And this finally leads to my point which is I came up with that opinion after reading stuff about them and it wasn’t a random “ranger bashing” opinion. Also Ive read countless times on this forum: BUY FROM THE CANADIAN RETAILERS LIST BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUTH WORTHY and knowing that ASC has been here for this long they would’ve put rangers up there if they were actually that good. And seriously you need to chill out…

based on this persons ignorance and obvious ranting about something he doesnt know about can we get a ban as his only seven posts are absolutly ridiculous
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