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No my dad does not supervise me however, he understands and knows I am responsible enough to not do anything stupid. Come on phenom. Im 1 year away from being 18 and buying my own airsoft gun, cut me some slack.

He purchased all the airsoft guns for me. Second of all, I've been here for awhile now, and I understand the MAIN rules. I have not seen the rule that a minor/underage must be supervised when firing an airsoft weapon.

You are being anal about this situation. 1 more year and I can buy my own airsoft gun. The age diffrence between a 17-year old/18 year old isn't much. I believe that I am responsible and mature enough to understand general rules when handling airsoft, and related weapons.

I understand the seriousness and concequences.

And for the record I am not a hot headed teenager. I try to speak as normal and proper as I can.
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