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Originally Posted by Identity
Originally Posted by Amazing KG3
no prob, but you make a good point, howd he get the goods?

Me and my father play airsoft, hes not into it as much as I am however. He just plinks around with my GBBs and target practices with his home made target box.
He helped me purchased my G36C and other guns.
Before I got into getting an airsoft gun, I did alot of reading on airsoftcanada which lead today. Now owning my AEG and GBBs. Abiding by the rules and enjoying the sport.

Unversity tuition is going to set me back in airsoft since, I have to save my money for transport, tution, books, and food.
Does your dad supervise you when you shoot? If not, you have mistaking the word ABIDING with IGNORING or BYPASSING. Just because your father plinks around in the basement doesn't make him "into" airsoft. There would be a lot of airsoft players if a person just hold/touch or fire off a few BBs.

Not trying to be anal about this, but don't claim you have READ and FOLLOWED all the rules when in reality you just stepped all over them. It's one thing to not know the rules, it's another knowing and breaking the rules.
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