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if you did research, you would have realised there was a thread not far above yours stickied about research

Originally Posted by Droc
no, you didnt.
Everyone and their uncle comes here and says the did their research. Christ, if all research was done as half-assed as the people here, we still wouldnt have the wheel.

when someone comes here and says they did the research and then asks a question...a question whos answer is stickied. Heck, I mean, I check so many threads and hear people say they did the research but cant find the answer to their question...but I check a stickied topic int he FAQ, or i take 6 seconds and use that fancy "search" button and the answer is in my Im no Steven Hawkings, but I must be really good at research...cure for cancer, here I come!

Saying you researched is no excuse for draggin arse. If you researched it and cant find the answer, and I can find it in 6 seconds by only using the search...then you didnt research.

at this point, pratically the answer to everything is out there, and can be found by the search...I know, its not always that easy, but there is the advanced search and that makes a world of difference.
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