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Buy and Sell negative ratings.

This wanted me to set up a package deal especially for him (you know who you are) ask me 10,000 questions about the shit then sends me this e-mail after what I think is an agreement to purchase. Keep in mind that I sent him the EMT address.

I'm located in Toronto... not too far away from you.
So I'm guessing shipping shouldn't be too much. My only other problem is I
live in a basement apartment, and I'm thinking they'll be delivering the
package to the old lady that lives upstairs. So, I'd need you to wrap this
package up pretty tight, as I don't want to freak the old lady out with a
sniper rifle and a pistol! lol
then I get this after asking him 3 times to check his mailbox

Yes, I am looking at other M700's as there are about 4-5 of them on the
market right now. Unfortunately, whlie your M700 is a really good deal
(especially with the M9), I have found a better deal on just the M700 alone,
so I'm going to pursue that option.

Thanks though, and good luck with the sale.
You guys think I should leave him a negative or neutral rating?
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