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I just really suggest you stop bugging for mega cheap crap guns. And stop talking about getting guns from the US.
Dont worry about your age. You may not be able to buy a gun, but you can hit the fields that allow +16. Airsoft isnt going anywhere, so even if you have to wait till your 18, that just gives you more time to learn and think things over. As it is right now, some of your threads have been about some really crappy stuff. We may sound like we are being assholes, but be telling you to stay away from guns that are slightly more expensive then the clear canadian tire guns is really doing you a favour. Same with your talk of getting guns in from the US, we know better and know the kind of trouble it can land you in.
I know people hate to read the FAQ section, but its for your own good. The more you know the better and there is some really handy stuff there.
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