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Dishonesty or Bad Memory?

Okay, this is not a rant, but I'm going to express my frustration to people borrowing gear and not returning it. In the last month, I have lost 2 highcaps, one lowcap, a 8.4/2400 battery, and a pair of PMI goggles (I know who has these, and if he doesn't return them without my asking, I'll be posting your name in this thread). I will lend out my gear to those who are in need, but it seems some people can't show the decency of returning that which is not thier own. I have just had 3 other people tear my entire house apart looking for these mags and battery, but to no avail. No, I don't remember who I loaned these to, and I don't expect to see them returned. Yes, I should remember who I loan my kit out to, but one would think that the person who asked for the loan of the kit would also have the respect to return it without having to be asked. Maybe it was an oversight on the persons who borrowed, but maybe not. I can say all this, because I'm not accusing anyone of anything here. If, in the off chance anyone remembers having any of my kit, I'd appreciate it back. And to think, just today, I was telling someone how honest and mature most people in this sport are. I'm no longer willing to lend out any manner of kit, so if you are offended by refusal, plz don't ask.
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