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9.6 Volt 2200mah battery review

Review of BATTERYSPACE.COM battery pack and charger.

Looking for the right battery for an airsoft gun can take some patients, especially when dealing with limited space. I was worried about a fitment issue as I have a Classic Army M15A4 that utilizes it's battery in the foregrip. Ya, you can get any mini battery with 600mah and it will give you few hundred rounds, but I would worry about endurance during an all-day game.

After deciding I wanted a 9.6v, high mah capacity battery, I began my search. I opted for it over the 8.4v, as I plan to do some upgrading. The prices extremely varied, specially from Canada to the US. After looking through numerous sites, I found BATTERYSPACE.COM . It was clear they had a large selection of airsoft batteries, but the best part was the reasonable prices. I went through the site and found exactly what I was looking for: a 9.6V 2200mah Nun-chuk style battery. The site even had a picture of the batteries sitting snugly in the forgrip of a M4.

Now the price is the best part. For $29.95 (US) you get the brand-new battery pack with a huge amount of power. I also wanted a "smart charger" that would not fry my battery, should I leave in on too long. Well I also picked up one of those for only $23.95 (US). I couldn't resist the price and ordered them both. I paid via pay-pal and and extra $11.00 was charged for shipping.So the grand total was only $65.00 US (shipped to my door in Canada)

So after only 5 days (all the way from Cali and through customs) this is what i got:
Jordan&Tara 221.jpg

Everything was packaged nicely and it was clear everything was of high quality. The batteries were tightly wrapped and the tamiya connectors hooked right up to my guns wiring.
Jordan&Tara 222.jpg

Only after a 1.5hrs charge the battery was ready (green light on charger came on) and it was time to test it out. The fitment in the forgrip was perfect and there were no issues closing the forgrip even with both batteries, wires, and the fuse inside.
Jordan&Tara 219.jpg
Jordan&Tara 220.jpg

Party time! I took the gun outside in my back yard and let it rip. The rate of fire was amazing and it shoots real hard. The gun remained quite balanced dispite having two batteries out on the nose of the gun. I shot all day and went through 2500 rounds. The battery showed no signs of slowing down and was just as strong as when I started my day.

Conclusion - The whole package is perfect! The power, the quality and especially the price make this battery and charger a serious contender in the airsoft world.
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