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Originally Posted by Korneil
If you have a better way to find a field to play other than looking what is available around my place tell me.

I do know I need the owner's authorisation to play on a field.
As for owners insurance what kind of insurance does he need?
What legal paper do I need to get legal authority from.

I do know I need to inform the police but I wonder as to whom should I talk/contact to get legal information and confimation that we wont be bothered much by them. (Inspector, officer, other) Since there is only the QPP and no more municipal police it simplifies the police contact.
This will probably answer the basic of it.

Insurance is for owner to cover his ass when airsoft players gets injured on the field, and decides to sue him/her for medical or what not. From other posts I've read, insurance alone cost about $600/month.

By finding out all the by-laws and regulation in your town, then you'll find out what paperwork you need. (It's not something that's discussed a whole lot on ASC, you can probably PM Brian McIlmoyle to get a basic idea of what's needed)
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